1. Eliminate muscle fatigue.
  2. Promote functional activation.
  3. Make the skin shiny and elastic.
  4. Soothes the body and mind.
  5. Improve health and wellness.
  1. Drink more water. Before & after the massage, drink plenty of water to speed up the metabolism and help the kidneys to get rid of old waste materials.
  2. The following conditions are not suitable for massage:
    • Too hungry or too full
    • Acute muscle swelling, moderate and severe heart disease, hemophilia, skin disease, severe skin allergies, or ruptured ulcers.
    • Symptoms of spine injury, local swelling caused by acute muscle injury, cellulitis, infectious injury, and various malignant tumor diseases, etc.
  • Shiatsu: you wear kimonos throughout the process. Professional therapist uses hands to massage muscles and acupoints to promote the muscle relaxation and blood circulation, helping to eliminate excessive tension of the body.
  • Oil massage: Use Australian imported natural lanolin oil, and apply it to the whole body. Utilize a soft massage techniques to promote blood circulation and achieve the effect of relieving stress.
  • Essential Oil Massage: Use plant-based essential oil with a proper proportion of base oil to apply to the skin of the whole body. The essential oils are absorbed by the skin during the massage process. A series of gentle sliding and soothing actions can make the essential oils penetrate into the body, relax the body and strengthen blood circulation.
    The aroma of essential oils can also induce relaxation of the body.

Vegetable Oils

  • Wheat germ oil: Rich in vitamin E, it has natural anti-oxidant function, suitable for all skin types, especially premature aging skin.
  • Grape seed oil: Rich in vitamins C and E, it has excellent antioxidant effect and can greatly reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin.
  • Almond oil: Rich in minerals, protein, and various vitamins, it is a vegetable oil with excellent skin care and moisturizing effects, suitable for all skin types.
  • Jojoba oil: Moisturizing and moisturizing effect is very good, can increase skin moisture, prevent wrinkles and aging, can also massage the scalp to help hair growth.
  • Rose Hip oil: Promote skin smoothness, whitening, firmness and elasticity. It has an excellent effect on cell regeneration, repair and lightening of skin pigment.

Essential Oils

  • Lavender: Also known as Queen of the Herbs, it is the most versatile essential oil. It can calm and soothe emotions, effectively improve sleep problems and anxiety.
  • Rose Geranium: Soothes, boosts emotions, and restores mental balance. Promote metabolism, firm skin, restore skin elasticity and luster.
  • Rose: It can adjust female endocrine, relieve dysmenorrhea, and improve menopausal discomfort. It has a good cosmetic and skin care effect, can reduce spots, improve dry skin, and restore elasticity, which is very suitable for women.
  • Sweet Orange: It has the effects of eliminating fatigue, anti-depression, and boosting the spirit. It can also care for eczema and dry skin.
  • Holly: Also known as Gaultheria, the cool and refreshing scent can boost the spirit, and it is easily absorbed, soothing and analgesic effect is excellent.
  • Eucalyptus: It can refresh the mind, concentrate, and adjust the respiratory system. Relieve inflammation, relieve muscle pain, neuralgia, and rheumatism. Peppermint: Stimulate nerves and relieve fatigue. It is often used to treat headaches, colds, balance oil, relieve pain, etc., with excellent effects.
  • Tea Tree: A powerful bactericidal essential oil, boosts the immune system, and has an excellent skin purifying effect. Smell it to refresh and rejuvenate the mind. Lemon Verbena: It has a pleasant fragrance, can ease nervousness, improve anxiety, calm the mood, and strengthen the nervous system.
  • Rosemary: It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cold, and other health care. Helps to concentrate on thinking and refresh the spirit. It has an excellent effect on hair growth, dandruff, astringent and firming.

If you are wearing skirts, jeans, suits, and trousers, ROYAL GROUP will provide you with comfortable and clean kimonos and wide pants. Enjoy a relaxing, unfettered massage time like at home.

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